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DENTAL PRO is a specialist service provider in dental sector which has brought UK dental registration, education and postgraduate courses facilitation under one roof. We have created a unique fusion to provide you a frictionless transaction if you are looking for postgraduate education, hands-on training and dentistry work experience.

We can consult you on various educational pathways (undergraduate, postgraduate, specialist training, short term vocational training etc) as well as guide you through overseas professional registration with the General Dental Council. Our team of experts can help you to identify your shortcomings and can provide the necessary training to fulfil those gaps. 

Our Services


The Need

We are confident you would have looked at ORE & LDS examinations (Part 1 & 2) and other registration routes. Specialising on a particular discipline, weather it is endo or prostho or perio, you would have spent hours trying to figure out pathways to specialist register with the GDC. There is huge financial burden that comes with any education and training and dentistry is not an exception. 

The Right Path

Our team is here to show you pitfalls beforehand, to enable you with right training, guiding you with right pathway to fit your needs, whether it is educational or training requirements. Our team members have been working on their respective fields for years, they have been through it themselves and helped others along the way. 

The Right Team

Our strength is our collective knowledge, experience and field expertise. Our ethos is right and vision is transparent. We will have clear communication channel, designated responsible personnel for each step of your journey, be there when you need us and support you along the way. We will not promise things we cannot fulfil and things we promise, we will fulfil. We have years of experience, knowledge and skills to achieve it and team to lead the way. We are the pioneer in this field, and we intend to set the standards high. 

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Dental Registration

Assisting you to register with General Dental Council (GDC) UK following various pathways such as ORE, LDS for dentists, dental hygienists, therapists etc

Dental Education

Short term training and workshop on various discipline of dentistry to enhance your clinical skills and broaden your theoretical knowledge. 

Postgraduate Qualifications

Advise and guide through various aspects of courses at a Postgraduate and Masters level at various Universities and Colleges.


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Hurry up! Join our upcoming webinar for detailed information.


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